CBS Sports: The Fastest Sports Updates In The Palm Of Your Hand


How many sports teams do you follow on a regular basis? If it’s more than a handful, odds are that you spend a lot of time keeping up with them. With preseason and postseason games, there are a lot of scores to track and a lot of news to digest. Usually, you have to search for all of this information, whether it’s by watching ESPN or going online. However, with the CBS Sports app, you can get it to all come to you automatically.

How Does it Work?

First of all, this is the best sports app around. Why? Because it’s free. Once you see how much you can do with this one program, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

When you get started, all you have to do is input your location. The app will automatically look up all professional and college teams in your area and ask if you want to add them to your follow list. You pick the ones that are most important to you and then hit agree.

If you want to add teams that are out of state (or from another country), then you can search for them by sport. So, whether you follow soccer, basketball, or hockey, you can track any and all teams that you like.

Free Sports Scores App

So what can you expect once you create a follow list? Well, the app will let you know all of the updated information about the team as it comes out. You will receive the latest news, and you’ll get the most recent scores of every game they play. Tracking your teams has never been easier.

Live Streaming

As a huge fan of sports, you probably want to watch as many games as possible. With this app, you can stream them live to your smartphone or mobile device as they are broadcasted on CBS. Not only that, but you can watch a game while still getting updated on another match happening at the same time.

Bottom Line

If you’re a serious sports fan, then you need to download the CBS Sports app today. Since it’s free, what are you waiting for?